#ButGod Campaign

October 6, 2015, will eternally be etched in stone. Well, actually it was chalk. 

While footprints may have smeared the words

And rain washed the remnants away—

Notes written in chalk will ever be fixed in the minds

Of those who read them on that day.

The Citadel Campus Ministry (CCM) began a life-changing movement to enrich the lives of the student body of Greensboro NC. In early October, CCM students took to the grounds, literally. They professed and proclaimed testimonies on local campus grounds using an assortment of colored chalk with“#ButGod" following.

The #ButGod campaign was a spiritual enrichment and awareness activity that reflected the personal journeys of student participants. Through the #ButGod campaign, students expressed what would be failures as victories, triumphs, and wins. They wrote how they survived what started out as a disaster with #ButGod.

Nearly 50 students met at a designated spot at 10:00pm and dispersed into multiple groups with chalk in their hand to let the enemy know that he did not triumph over them, from the heart, and unapologetically.

They did not leave their names, but their bravery, honesty and candor were matchless. They shared intimate triumphs and felt even more liberated after writing their testimonies to be read by the world because they were letting it go. #ButGod—release. . .

For many CCM students, it was a cathartic experience and they felt more blessed by writing it than they had when they initially overcame the struggle. Some students shared how they once were lost, but now they are found, because of God’s amazing grace. 

Just hours after the #ButGod campaign took effect, students took to social media expressing their gratitude, and writing words of encouragement. Due to the uplifting and positive collaborative efforts of the CCM students, many individuals, near and far, were pleased. Indeed, CCM students lit a positive light that night that still shines bright in the hearts of many hearts.