History is about to made in GREENSBORO | Oct 28th Greensboro

Would you support an opportunity where students on the only campus in America that has been divided into two voting districts, can all vote together at the same place? An opportunity for young millennials who are STILL NOT REGISTERED, to REGISTER AND VOTE on the same day?

Beloved Community:

On Sunday, October 28th from 2-5pm students from all area colleges and the community that stands with them will take to the streets in a demonstration against voter suppression. After a rally with various speakers and performances as well as a keynote address from Rev. Dr. William Barber, we will march to the polls. 

We are asking all clergy to wear their STOLES TO THE POLLS and all members of the Greek-life community to STROLL TO THE POLLS. 
Students in Solidarity, the group organizing this event with the Citadel Campus Ministry are seeking community group partnerships. Reply to this email if you can help. We need:


  2. MONETARY DONATIONS for the sound/staging.

  3. WATER BOTTLES along the route for marchers 

  4. CHURCHES TO DONATE THEIR VANS to carry students back from the march.

  5. See the attached letter as well as the media flyers above to forward and share on social media

Pastors/community group leaders, please announce in your assemblies over the next week. Thank you!

Student in Solidarity Signatures_1.jpg
Student in Solidarity Signatures_3.jpg