My name is Samuel Wilson III and I have been a member of the Citadel Campus Ministry for almost three years. Before coming to CCM, I was a struggling mechanical engineering student. In realizing that mechanical engineering isn't what I wanted to do, I lost myself trying to find out what I actually wanted to study. In this rough time I began dealing with spirits of lust, manipulation, deceitfulness, depression, and lying, I came across the blessing that is Citadel Campus Ministry. From day one, Rev. Gregory B. Drumwright has preached and taught life changing lessons. His teachings from God captured me and always provided a sense of light to what was my dark path. Still because of my disobedience to God and his son, I lost my family support system, my grades slipped, my finances slipped, and I ended up getting sent back home to Georgia. Even in my lowest point, tuning in to W.O.W. Nite (our bible studies), Sunday Services, Men's meetings, and programs kept me from falling into depression, the Devil's hands and temptations. 

Finally deciding to take a stand and head back to the ministry that has and is transforming me into the man that God has destined for me to be, 

I moved back to North Carolina with just a prayer and remembrance of the lesson that PGD taught (belief that God truly IS faithful to those who are faithful to him). I decided to take a stand and head back to the ministry that has and is transforming me into the man that God has destined for me to be,  Since then, this ministry has fully engulfed me. Continuous involvement in the Audio/Visual Ministry, Mime Ministry, Men's Ministry this ministry have helped to mold and force me to grow into a more spiritual being. It is accurate, that you will reap what you sow. God has seen my dedication to the ministry and reopened the door for re-acceptance to my university, my finances are being restored, and relations with my family are being revitalized. With many people in this ministry much like myself, I have heard many testimonies consistent with mine. In that I realize how much of an impact this ministry has on each and every one of them. So, my testimony is that this ministry has kept, covered, taught and shaped myself into a more Godly lifestyle, a lifestyle that I will one day be able to pass down to the generations to come. This ministry is truly transforming lives, enlarging the kingdom, and equipping believers!

                                                                                                                                                                       - Samuel Wilson III